BLOG MYP 1C-2nd week of February, 2020

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MathWe first learnt about number patterns and deriving rules to find unknown values from the number pattern, for which we later attempted a peer FA .After number patterns we learned about the algebraic terms. We learnt about like and unlike terms and how to simplify equations by clubbing them together. To strengthen our knowledge about algebra we attempted word problem which helped us learn about substitution of variables. We also learnt how to apply number properties in case of variable. This wonderful week came to an end with an invigorating session on how to solve equations by using inverse operation rules and our previous knowledge of Algebra. 
By: Saanvi Suri  
MYP 1B  
Language and LiteratureWe revisited the conventions of diary writing and discussed how reflection is an important element that helps understand our feelings and emotions. In addition to this, we engaged in an experiential learning activity, wherein through role-play we were sensitized towards people with disability and wrote our reflection on the same. We read a few chapters from our text Wonder to explore the theme of the novel.
By: Tanush Anand
MYP 1A  
Individuals & SocietiesIn the past week we learnt the meaning of various types of diversities and other unit related terminologies through activities like making comic strips and role plays. We saw a video on stereotyping and wrote our reflection of the same. We watched a presentation where we saw how people are breaking stereotypes and achieving great heights in life. We are presently working on our FA which is about creating a poster on diversity and its impacts. We are enjoying learning the unit a lot as it is relatable to our everyday lives.
By: Aryaa Tiwari
ScienceBiology/Chemistry: We were introduced with the concept of neutralization through a video discussing how acids and bases when mixed together neutralize each other. We learnt many applications of neutralization in real life. We reinforced our understanding of acids, bases and neutralization through a self- reflection activity. Then we inquired how do buildings corrode and how ocean waters get acidified. Linking it further, we learnt about the concept of acid rain and discussed its causes.    
By: Atiksh Verma
MYP 1D  
Physics: Last week during physics class we learned about various types of forces: contact and non-contact force. We did an activity named Tug of War through which we learned about balanced and unbalanced forces; we saw that when the string was not moving on either side balanced force was acting on it. We attempted some questions on calculating the net force of an object when various forces are acting on it. We also learned that force is a vector quantity through the activity. We watched videos that discussed the deformation caused in objects due to the application of force through which we designed an investigation cycle. By- Rishabh Iyer Kochhar
MYP 1C  
Product DesignOver the last two weeks, we were introduced to our new unit Wooden Manipulatives and presented with a real-life design problem. We followed criterion A of the design cycle to inquire and analyse the problem. We were asked to make a mind-map to organize our inquiry questions. We also interviewed our clients as a part of the primary research and wrote some guiding questions to conduct secondary research.
By: Aakarshan Rai 
Language AcquisitionSpanish: During the past two weeks, we learnt how to talk about sports using verbs Jugar and Practicar. We also learnt some new expressions related to free time activities. On Read Aloud Day, we read an interesting story to brush up our reading skills in Spanish. In the last class, we practiced the conjugation of verbs like Gustar and Encantar to talk about our likes and dislikes.   
By: Subah Goyal 
MYP 1 B  

French: During this week, we have covered expressions with faire and jouer verbs, as well as contracted articles by working on task sheets and through interactive activities like Unjumble The Tumble, Find The Verb. Also,using audio-visual resources, we learnt the vocabulary of french activities and sports. These links have aided us in pronouncing the french words and accents. Moreover, we learnt how to talk about our likes and dislikes in french. We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons    
By: Yash Veer Pratap Banga
MYP 1D  

Hindi: In the past two weeks, we delve deeper into our unit ” Weekend and leisure activities”. In this unit, we have done a reading and speaking task on what is a leisure activity followed by writing. We used Audio-visual stories to readout in which we enhanced our reading and speaking skills.  
By: Tanush 
MYP 1A  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)    We continue with our unit “Athletics” we divided into client and coach, to observe the client’s current performance and to develop a successful achievement also to distinguish the strengths, weaknesses and areas of development of client.  
By: Ayaana Aggarwal
MYP 1A  
TheatreWe brainstormed on our prior knowledge about street plays. In our groups we improvised to create short street play performances. We reflected on each other’s performance to identify elements of a street play. 
Visual ArtWe were introduced to our second unit ‘Nature Morte’ through a group discussion on still life and its elements. We inquired into some famous still life artists and observed their artwork to critically analyse them. We also sketched some simple objects kept on our tables to understand the proportions and symmetry better. We are now working on our formative assessment in which we have chosen three objects to arrange them into a composition and to study them with pencils and a medium of our choice, following the given checklist.
By: Kanav Agarwal
MYP 1-B  
DanceWe learned a dance routine which used steps from the dance form of Garba and modern techniques. We also did a group activity in the format of a game consisting of two rounds: self-composition and revising the dance routine learned before.
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi

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