1st Week of November, 2019

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Math This week we attempted our formative assessment based on the angles of quadrilaterals and triangles. We also presented our summative of the same unit wherein we had to create a piece of artwork that comprised at least three elements of geometry. After this we started with our new unit ‘Statistics and Probability’ wherein we did a newspaper activity to find vowels in a sentence and make a tally mark table for the same.
By: Manicka Kumar
Language andLiterature We started our new unit ‘Coming Together’ wherein we were introduced to a poem by Shel Silverstein to analyze the role of language in bringing people together by overlooking the differences in gender, status and colour. We also revised linguistic devices in the poem. Furthermore, we were familiarized with dialogue writing and its conventions. Towards the end of this week we learned to create internal monologues.
By: Tanush Anand
Individuals & Societies   We started our week by revising the civilizations and recapitulating its features and aspects. Most importantly we had a detailed discussion on the silk route that made us understand how it was the first worldwide web. Our formative assessment was based on the same and included inventions and discoveries. We were assessed on investigation and communication skills. 
By: Saanvi Suri
Science Biology/Chemistry In the last two weeks, we had a discussion on thermal expansion. We came up with various examples of thermal expansion in real life. We learned about biotic and abiotic components and how they differ in their characteristics.We also learned about the various types of tropisms and how they relate to photosynthesis.We also did a drawing activity to summarize our understanding of photosynthesis.
Sanvi Suri

During this week we observed how light travels in a straight line through a demonstration. We talked about the reflection of light and how this phenomenon helps us to see various objects in our daily life. We did an activity on refraction of light. The activity enabled us to understand the concept in more depth and perceive that light changes its speed when it travels from one medium to another medium.   
By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta
MYP 1B      
Product Design This week we started criterion B of the design cycle, for the unit ‘upcycling’. We started with an activity that involved reverse brainstorming, to help us compile a list of success criteria. We came up with design sketches for our product. These lessons helped us learn the minutest detail of our product.
By: Samvit Govindani
Digital Design A quick revision of all the blocks was done in class to recapitulate our previous knowledge. After an interaction, a new creative animation was explained along with the new tools used in it. This was followed by a short activity related to the new concept of inserting score block to animation 
By: Suvaan Mohan 
MYP1 B  
Language Acquisition French:We commenced our second unit ‘My daily routine’. We discussed inquiry-based questions and formed a statement of inquiry. We learnt to conjugate irregular verbs such as ‘Prendre’ ‘Faire’. We watched the song ‘Jame raho’ from the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ to discover a daily morning routine of the family members. It was followed by a compare and contrast activity wherein we compared our routine with the routine in the song. By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta

Hindi:We discussed our assessment and received feedback. We also engaged in grammar activities related to spellings and alphabets. We attempted an activity to improve our handwriting and writing speed.

Spanish:During this week we started our second unit ‘Mi rutina rutina diaria’. In this unit we learnt how to conjugate regular -ar -er -ir ending verbs and practised making sentences to talk about the actions we do in our daily life. In the last class we learnt the purpose and conjugation of reflexive verbs to describe our daily routine in detail with the help of a YouTube video.
By: Tushita Nagpal (MYP 1D)  
Visual Art In the past two weeks, we completed our landscape which comprised and highlighted the different techniques ofimpressionism and shading.
Physical and Health Education (PHE)
In our new unit ‘Athletics’ we discussed about the history of the Olympics, and how warm up is important before sprints. We also played shot sited cricket matches.  
By: Ayaana Aggarwal
Drama Over the past two weeks, we have been working on our summative task which is divided into four steps. We are working on research skills by exploring folktales from various cultures. We had to take interviews to record the original folk tales. We focused on developing them intoan individual storytelling performance.    
  Dance Over the past two weeks, we learned the vocabulary of Mayurbhanj Chhau. We also learned how to perform the basic three stances used in the dance form. We were familiarized with the ways of walking used in Chhau. We also explored the basic warm up and salutation used by Chhau dancers.  
By:Angelina Soji

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