MYP 1C Week 3 September ,2019

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Math In the last two weeks, we learnt the four most basic operations and integers using number line .We  practiced few questions based on them, made story problems in pairs and solved them by using number lines. Furthermore, we started with a new unit ‘Points, lines and angles’.
By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta
MYP 1B  
Language andLiterature Over the past two weeks we analyzed the pamphlets made by us. We focused on the features of pamphlet designing and how pamphlets convey information on a particular subject to the readers. We reflected on the understanding of rhetorical triangle (speaker, audience and purpose) to create a pamphlet. We also recalled our grammar concepts such as parts of speech and subject-verb agreement.  
By: Suvaan Mohan Gupta 
Individuals & Societies   In the past two weeks, we presented our understanding of the unique features of the stone age through graphic organizers. We learnt about the metal age too. We watched videos and reflected on them to know about heritage and its importance.We also discussed the consequences of losing our own heritage.  
By: Rishabh Iyer Kochhar
Science Biology/Chemistry We were introduced to a new unit used  for measuring tiny objects i.e micrometer. We learnt how to calculate magnification of microscopic objects. We attempted a few problems to learn to  calculate magnification. Later in the week we appeared for our formative assessment By: Aditri Nakul 
Physics: Over the past two weeks, we did an activity on lab safety to  understand the  various safety measures that should be  followed in the lab . We also learnt the first aid measures to be undertaken in case of an emergency. We finished our unit with an activity wherein we discussed the importance of  accuracy and precision  in measurement.
By: Bhuvansh Swamy 
Product Design This week, we worked on a collage on carbon footprint. We researched the topic by using some guiding questions given to us. We also collected pictures from old newspapers and magazines. We utilized only one- side used paper to be in tune with the topic ‘carbon footprint’ and theme ‘sustainability’.  
By: Kevin Joeben
MYP 1 C  
Digital Design In the past weeks, we continued with our presentation of the previous unit , gamification of learning. We also  analysed  the existing product and researched on the topic. Furthermore, we summarized the design outline for our product . 
By: Kevin JoeBen 
MYP 1C   
Language Acquisition French:After our formative assessment of the current unit, we revised the adjectives used for describing our parents. We watched videos and did skill-building activities. We displayed our understanding of various adjectives by describing our friends. We were also introduced to a new grammar topic, ‘Adjective Possessive’.
By: Geet Dhooria
MYP 1D    

Hindi:We had practiced a poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz  for Hindi Diwas performance. We also discussed the poem in relation to our unit ‘my personal world’to focus on the freedom of expression. We also discussed the role of family in shaping our  identity and personality.  

Spanish:During the past two weeks we learnt the expression of the verb “estar” to discuss civil status of a person in Spanish. We watched the presentation in which a person describes his family members. We also learnt the vocabulary related to countries and nationalities in Spanish.
By: Eva Sadhwani 
Visual Art In the last two weeks we learnt  a new art form called ‘Impressionism’ and observed some visuals of the same to develop a better understanding. We appeared for a formative assessment based on criterion A of Arts i.e. Knowing and understanding. Later, taking inspiration from famous landscape artist’s work, we created our layouts for the final composition. 
By :Apoorv Gupta
Physical and Health Education (PHE) In our unit ‘fitness through sports’, we discussed  the benefits of yoga and practiced “Surya Namaskar”. We also played badminton and table tennis matches.  
By: Tushita Nagpal
MYP 1D  
Dance We did an interpretation activity based on videos. We understood how sculptures area source as well as an inspiration to make movements. We watched the video showing cave paintings of  Bhimbetka caves it made us understand that cave paintings are a source for stories and movements. We also learnt how classical ballet evolved with time and had minor changes with change in lifestyle and working patterns.  
By:Kanav Agarwal
MYP 1B  

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