MYP1C Week 1 September ,2019

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Math This week we engaged in the creation of  a table of numbers from 1-100 and using the recently learnt divisibility rules we  circled all the multiples of 2, 3,5 and 7. This helped us identify all prime numbers between 1-100 and contributed to our understanding of prime numbers. We also discussed and made corrections in our FA and our weekend worksheet. Towards the end of this week we have been introduced to real life applications of HCF and LCM problems.
By: Rian Varghese
MYP 1B  
Language andLiterature Over the past two weeks we were familiarized with the command term summarize. We practiced the skill by reading stories and summarizing them. We were taught self-editing skills and edited our work by using the self-editing techniques introduced to us .Towards the end of this week we were introduced to pamphlets as a mode of communication as an extension to the flip task .We will be designing our own pamphlets focusing on issues identified by us.  
By: Anoushka Sharma
Individuals & Societies We discussed Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic time-period. We watched a video about stone age and reflected on the same by making a mind-map and a flowchart. We attained a clear perspective on this topic   after creating a Venn diagram depicting the difference between the three time periods.   
By: Saanvi Suri
MYP 1B  
Science Biology/Chemistry Last week we observed and learnt how different liquids form concave and convex meniscus in plastic and a glass container. We also explored the working of a microscope and learnt the functions of each of its part. We saw slides of a few specimens under the microscope and its magnification. We also discussed the task for our upcoming FA.
By: Suvaan Gupta
(MYP 1B)
Physics Last week we learnt about fundamental and derived units. We learnt that fundamental units are the basic ones and derived units are the ones obtained by bringing together one or more fundamental units. We also presented our FA in which we collated our knowledge on how the introduction of measurement has made our life easier and we also linked it with the global context of our unit. Then we did an activity on lab safety where we had to draw posters illustrating lab safety measures.
By: Atiksh Verma
Design and Technology This week we worked on a collage on carbon footprint. We researched on the topic by using some guiding questions given to us We also collected pictures related to the topic from old newspapers and magazines. We used only one -side used paper to be in tune with the topic ‘carbon footprint’ and theme ‘sustainability’.  
By: Kevin Joe Ben
MYP 1 C  
Digital Design In these two weeks we made a presentation on our unit, ‘gamification of learning’. We formed a game on a program software  ‘Scratch’. We have also created our scratch accounts and learnt the basics of the software. We also referred to some of the existing games and discussed the changes we would like to bring in them .  
By: Suvaan Gupta
Language Acquisition Spanish: Over the past two weeks we learnt how to address our family members in Spanish and usage of the verb “estar” to talk about feelings. We also learnt how to describe the physical features and personality traits of a person using descriptive words. Furthermore, we watched a powerpoint presentation and read a short text to improve our reading skills By :Eva Sadhwani 
French: In the past two weeks, with regard to the content and concepts in the unit, ‘My Personal World” we watched interactive videos for recapitulating the vocabulary for the family members.We also learnt how to describe our family members focusing on their physical appearance   using qualitative adjectives. We attempted many exercises on this topic with audio-visual texts to strengthen our concepts. Towards the end of this week we appeared for our FA based on criterion B.
By: Swarnika  
Hindi: We had poetry reading and analysis sessions in which we discussed the poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. We had singing practice of this poem,as it is to be  presented on  Hindi Diwas.   
Physicaland Health Education (PHE)     Drama   In our unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed the rules and regulations of basketball and football after watching a power point presentation. We also played a variety of sports like, basketball, football and badminton for physical fitness.   By:Bhuvansh Swamy

In drama we are working on our task of designing miniature set designs using waste material. We have planned our model and are working on them. We are working on our communication and collaboration skills. We have prepared our basic structures for our designs in our groups. 
By: Tushita
MYP 1 D    
Visual Art In order to make connection and understand our global context i.e globalization and sustainability of our first unit ‘Outlook’ we painted some redundant flower pots and assembled them together to create installations of planters. This activity gave us an opportunity to develop our social skills as we workedcollaboratively and also explored a new medium for art; acrylic paints . We also developed our vocabulary by learning a new word ‘contour’  
Dance In these two weeks we participated in an activity through which we recapitulated the choreographic tools learned in the previous grade. We also made group choreographic works with the tools identified and recollected. Towards the end of this week we also prepared choreographic works after a brainstorming activity which helped us to review the methods of storytelling.
By: Amaani Sharma

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