MYP 1C, 4th Week of August ,2019

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Math In the last two weeks we learnt how to solve multi-step word problems using strategies like GRASP and RICE. These strategies helped us decode word problems. We also  learnt how to perform all the 4 operations i.e addition, subtraction, multiplication and division  using BEDMAS rule. We also engaged in a fun activity where we prepared bookmarks using our knowledge of mathematical concepts and recording them on the bookmark.
By: Rohan Phargade  
Language andLiterature As outlined in the curriculum we began this week with introduction to rhetorical triangle  and to reinforce the same we identified  speaker, purpose and audience of an article in a newspaper. In an extensive discussion we compared diary entry and diary logs. To enrich our vocabulary we chose a few phrases from the comprehension passage and practiced their usage by making sentences with the same. We started analyzing different sentences from newspaper articles to recapitulate tenses used in our communication. We were also familiarized with the assessment criterion A for our forthcoming formative assessment
By: Saanvi Suri
MYP 1B  
Individuals & Societies We started our week with multiple discussions on the unit ‘Knowing our Ancient past’ and its global context, key concept, and related concepts. We analyzed our work to discover the ATL skills used. We then had activities to enhance our knowledge of ‘Primary’ and ’Secondary’ sources with the help of videos and newspaper articles. We delved deeper by creating a timeline of our personal history. We also read and annotated the second chapter of the textbook ‘A New Life’ to broaden our understanding of the Paleolithic Age.
By: Aditri Nakul
Science Biology/Chemistry: In the past week we identified various equipment used in laboratory for scientific measurements. We also learnt the use of each equipment. We learnt to find the least count of measuring cylinder, ruler and laboratory thermometer. We did an activity to find out the temperature of hot and cold water using laboratory thermometer.
By: Samvit 
MYP 1D  

Physics: A few weeks ago, we started with our unit‘ life on scales’. We did an activity wherein we used our body parts (handspan, foot) to measure objects inside the class like the whiteboard, cupboards, bulletin boards etc. We found that the measurement taken by us was different from our friends. In the next class, we did a follow-up activity and also wrote a reflection on the activity .
By: Niharika
MYP 1 D  
Design and Technology This week in product design we saw a video called- Martha Speaks -Martha’s doghouse in which kids about our age go about solving a real-life problem by designing a doghouse. It gave us an insight into the different steps involved in designing a product but in a fun way. We reflected on the challenges and the mistakes that the young designers made in the process. Our discussion made us realize that while designing it is important to follow the design cycle. We are now beginning to understand the first step -inquiring and analyzing.
By: Aditri Zutshi 
ICT We brainstormed individually on the game that we would design and identify the client for the same. We identified different elements in a game using the software.  We will now work on Scratch to acquire the skills required for our product. 
Language Acquisition Spanish: We started our  unit by doing a group activity to create a “Statement of inquiry” for our new unit based on our own understanding. Every group came up with an interesting SOI in which we tried to understand each other’s perspective. Then we learnt to introduce ourselves in Spanish with the help of a conversation. Later, we watched an interesting YouTube video based on the vocabulary for the family members in Spanish.
By: Eva Sadhvani

French: We started our term by revising the concepts done last year such as prepositions, ‘ER’ ending verbs and essential agreements through word searches and various group tasks. Then we continued our unit discussing global context, key concept, related concepts and our prior knowledge of family members in French. We also  watched videos to enhance our knowledge of the family members and  discussed relations with a’ family tree’ in French.
By Aditri Nakul

Hindi– Phase 1&2: We had a story telling session in our class. We also wrote a short paragraph about ourselves. We also discussed our bench-marking assessment in class. We also had a discussion on various aspects of oneself and how this affects our way of living and personality.     
Physical and Health Education (PHE)       Drama We continued with our unit‘ Fitness through sports’. We discussed about the components of physical fitness and the benefits of exercise. We played  short-sited football matches.   By: Yashvi Seth

Firstly we loosened  ourselves with simple theater exercises.Then, we discussed and wrote about different types of folktales. We created our own plays based on any story of our choice. We collaborated in groups to develop our performance and performed various characters. We created our own play which is a remake of snow white. It has an amazing twist.
By: Nysa
MYP 1 C  
Visual Art We were introduced to our first unit ‘Outlook’ in which we got the opportunity to inquire about landscapes. We discussed the global context, key concepts and the related concepts of the unit to form our statement of inquiry in different groups. We also developed our vocabulary by learning  new word called ‘aesthetics’. Later, we created a KWHLAQ chart individually to record our prior knowledge.
By: Tushita Nagpal
MYP 1D  
Dance We were divided into groups and each one created a story with sketches and drawings.The stories were interchanged, we made our own interpretation and expressed it through movements.We could draw relations as to how early man was inspired by cave paintings which lead to creation of dance movements.We understood that detailing and specification in instructions could minimize the change in movements with passing time and thus classical forms evolved
By: Rishabh Kochhar
MYP 1C  

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